Soft Shell Crabs

Catching A Soft Shell Crab Delicacy


There are many seafood delicacies and a soft shelled crab is one of them. If you are looking for the best Cajun delicacy, you need not look further. Consider having the soft shelled crabs since they can be prepared in a lot of ways.


Many crabs usually has a very hard shell. But for the crab to grow, it has to completely shed its hard shell to enable it become larger in size. And this normally happens once in every month. This process of shedding is referred to as molting.  A crab has the potential of becoming about 33% larger after each molting or even larger.


Basically, when the crab will be going through the process of molting, it will simply crawl out of its old hard shell. It is said that a female crab will molt for about 18 to 20 times during the whole of their short lifespan while a male crab can molt for around 21 to 23 times in their life. What is interesting is that molting will become more and more difficult for a crab as they continue to grow. Therefore it does not come as a surprise for some crabs to die during this process, click to know more!


That period when the crab immediately crawls out of their shells is when they have a soft shell. Many cooks prefer crabs during this period. The crab will be at its prime for the best eating, not to mention that it will have become weak after the molting process and this make it very easy to catch. Crabs can only molt in the water.


There are a lot of ways to catch a crab when they are in this state. A basic method is known as scapping. This process entails wading through shallow waters with a long handled net while looking for a molting crab. Once you find one, all you have to do is to just scoop it using the net. Watch for more info about soft shell crabs.


Another method of catching a soft shelled crab is by using a male crab commonly referred to as "jimmy" to entice female crabs that might be ready for mating. Take a wired cage and put jimmy on the top compartment, then you need to put the cage in shallow waters where there are many female crabs. Doing this usually attracts a good number of female crabs and from there you can swoop in with your net.


After catching the soft shelled crabs, you must first learn how to cut and clean the crab before cooking. Remove the lungs, cut out the section of the head with mouth and eyes also remove the apron and prepare your delicacy, click for more info!