Soft Shell Crabs

What You Need To Know About Soft Shell Crabs


Crabs are sea creatures belonging to a group called crustaceans. Crab meat is a delicious delicacy accepted universally. Their size increases through a process called molting whereby they shedding off the hard shell ingest lots of water and become bigger in size. Creating a new shell might take days making the crabs vulnerable. During this time is when most crabs are caught by fishermen. The soft shell that covers them is preferred by many because it is sweet and succulent. There are many species of crabs but the most consumed are blue crabs.


 Crabs account for one fifth of food caught in the rivers, lakes, sea and other water sources. During May to September soft crabs are very abundant. They are frozen making them available throughout the year so even during summer months you can still eat quality and fresh soft shell crabs. It is much easier to eat soft shell crabs compared to hard shell crabs because it is softer and you consume the whole crab without worrying about extracting tiny pieces of crab meat, go here to know more!


Soft shell crabs have many health benefits. They have anti- cancer properties because they contain selenium an antioxidant that removes the carcinogenic effects of mercury which can cause tumors. Lysate which is gotten from blue blood of horse shoe crab is helpful in detecting meningitis and fighting cancer. Crab meat has low levels of saturated fat reducing the risk of heart related complications. In addition ,they  have omega-3 fatty acids which reduces stickiness of blood platelets ensuring flow of red blood cells, these fatty acids prevent clogging of the arteries making it easier to pump blood to all the vital organs of the body. Read to know more about soft shell crabs.


Also it is easy, fun and fast to cook soft shell crab, you can do it by yourself. You can view recipes from different websites and find incredible ways that you can cook soft shell crabs. Do not overcook the meat because it is a good source of minerals and nutrients, overcooking means you lose the health benefits associated with eating soft shell crabs. Make sure you get your crab from good sources to avoid contamination. Visit licensed stores and in case you do not like to cook there are many restaurants which cook different sweet delicacies of soft shell crabs. Soft shell crabs can be ordered online and delivered while still fresh. Regardless of what dish you prepare, you are assured to enjoy your meal. Check this homepage for more info!