Soft Shell Crabs

Soft Shell Crabs


Soft-shell crabs are those that have shed their skin, and as the word goes, they are soft. This particular category of crabs is instantly removed from the water to avoid hardening of the exoskeleton after molting. They are edible creatures, and the entirety of their body can be eaten exception being gills, abdomen, and mouthparts. The soft shell crab is a seasonless creature thus available throughout the year. It is a sweet, delicious meat. The tenderness on a freshly molted crab is key to a delicious meal. The resorts that offer the delicacy of soft shell crab are located near the shore. This aid in timing to pick the crabs immediately after they have shed off their top cover.


Soft-shell crabs meals are delicious if properly prepared. The process of preparing crabs for meals is a process. The process starts by picking it from the water, cleaning it and finally cooking it. As noted earlier the claws and grills are unable making it ideal to exclude them before preparing it for cooking. A right cleaning preparation method should be applied. Defacing the crab by chopping off its head should be done. One should go ahead and remove its gills. The gills should be ripped off from the base. Finally, one should go ahead and pull off the top cover, check it out!


There are many ways to prepare the soft shell crab dish. Many have resulted to grilling and broiling as it makes the meat tenderer and juicy. The crab should be broiled for about eight minutes. Some people, however, prefer frying which is not an appropriate preparation mode since the flavor is lost in the process. The recipe for the preparation of the soft shell crab should have overcooking excluded. The ingredients of preparing an excellent meal are oil or butter and moderate heat. Lightly frying the crabs is considered super for a fantastic meal. Watch to learn more about soft shell crabs.


Deep fried soft shell crab is a real authentic dish. The sweetness of it can also be induced by accompanying it with a classic sandwich. The crab ready dish can be stuffed with a mushroom duxelles. They are breaded together to make the meal extremely fancy. It should be noted that deep frying of the crabs should be done cautiously because there is a likelihood of bursting of claws and legs. The soft shell crab's meat is incredibly lush and sweet with a flavor that lures finger licking, check it out!